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This blog has been good to me and it won’t go away, however, it will NOT be updated anymore! I’m very excited to announce my NEW blog at

See you there!



Oh happy day!

I will never take my computer and big monitor for granted again! She is home safe and sound and I’m a very happy camper to have my work partner back!

I’m sorry for the lack of blogging as of late and I promise to get better soon!



STILL don’t have my computer…

STILL am waiting for the surprise to be ready…

STILL working on it…

Stay tuned…

Bear with me

Ugh, what a weekend! Friday I had a little incident with my computer which is now residing at the apple store! 😦 Hopefully to be back with me very soon! In the meantime  I’m working off of my husbands laptop, as a side note, working on someone else’s computer is like living in someone else’s home, you don’t know where anything is and it’s not set up for you!

I’ve also been having a few issues with my website this weekend. Thank you to my clients who have been effected for being so patient with me! The problem should be fixed, please let me know if there are any other issues! Enough about me! I have a surprise in the works to be revealed VERY soon and a session to post of a little cowboy! 🙂


Crazy dog

My dog is crazy, no matter the temperature he wants to lay outside in the snow. I’m talking those days where it was 10 degrees outside, yeah, didn’t want to come in! Crazy.

Here he is looking very pathetic because he knows I’m going to make him come inside after he’s been out for an hour. If you look VERY close you can see some frozen drool…nice.







Here’s the “smart” dog. She’s crazy in plenty of other ways but has no interest in staying outside.


I also want to give a big shout out to my Mother-in-law today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately she is very camera shy so I don’t have any photo of her to post and if I did she would probably kill me! 


What the…



-27? Wow is it cold!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog these past few weeks!  I promise I have some fun stuff in the works and I’m very happy to get back to work this weekend! I thought I would really enjoy these last few weeks off but I’m really itching to get my hands back on my camera! 🙂


Chicago & the Winter Classic

I was fortunate enough to head over to Chicago for a couple of days over New Years for the Winter Classic outdoor hockey game between the Red Wings and Blackhawks! Despite the fact that it was VERY cold New Years Eve morning, I had to get out and take some photos of the great city of Chicago!












Since I didn’t want to lug around my regular camera to the actual game, these last ones were taken with my point and shoot. The game was AWESOME! Probably the best sporting event I’ve attended so far (thanks to the fact that the Wings LOST in game 5 of the playoffs last year when they could’ve won the cup…but I’m not bitter…) but I digress…we all had a great time and I would do it again in a heart beat!










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