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What’s your sign baby?

I came across these super cute, organic cotton, astrological onesies and I just had to share. Check all of the signs out here.







Happy shopping!



Ideal bite

I LOVE ideal bite! If you haven’t heard about it, basically it’s a website where you can subscribe to get daily eco friendly tips, search for earth friendly products and tips to live better and healthier. AND they have a Mama section for tips on children’s products! I just love getting my ideal bite daily tip in my email box I hope you sign up and enjoy it as much as I do!



The anti stroller

Baby wrap carriers seem to be the new way to go. Check them out.

Maya Wrap – organic line available.



Belle – made in the USA. organics available



Moby Wrap



Sleepy Wrap



Happy shopping!


Walk Score

Chris and have started a new routine this summer. We normally go out to dinner on Friday nights but one Friday in July Chris decided he wanted to walk to dinner instead of drive since he had spent a LOT of hours that week sitting at his cube at work. Ever since then we have been walking to dinner almost every Friday night instead of driving. It’s been nice to have the time to talk since we are both so busy all the time! And saving a little bit of money on gas, helping the earth just a little and slipping in some extra exercise is a bonus! Our goal for next summer is to get bikes so we can go a little farther then we can on foot!

Soooo, I thought this was a fun website when I came across it this week! Walk Score gives your neighborhood a ranking on how walkable it is and gives you a map pointing out everything within walking distance. Pretty cool!


My favorite inspirational blogs

If you like design and super cool home decor, you HAVE to check out my two favorite (non photography) blogs! WARNING! If you are anything like me, you can waste tons of time looking through these! 🙂

design* sponge


green your decor


Positively Organic Kid’s Clothes

Fashionable and Organic, what more could you ask for?! Check out Positively Organic for more killer kid’s organic clothing!

Happy shopping!


Another reason to go green!

A couple weeks ago I bought some cute reusable bags at ikea (long overdue). With our frig bare, last night I went to Kroger to grocery shop and I was curious when the cashier counted my reusable bags and started punching numbers into her machine? I was happy to be informed that they give you .05 back for every reusable bag you use! YAY. Now I know .05 a bag isn’t going to be paying the mortgage but hey, I’ll take everything I can get!





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