Portrait session location ideas

Lately, I’ve had a lot of clients asking my advise on their portrait location! The location really is a personal choice, you may have a special place to your child and family, a location or thing that makes your child happy or really represents them and where they are in the life. If you have something in mind but not sure if it will work let me know and we can figure it out together. I’ve list a bunch of ideas below, hopefully this will help!

Your home and yard – The advantage to being home is having everything you need at your disposal. I highly recommend this for newborns and babies that could need a feeding or a diaper change in the middle of a session.

A Park – There are many sub categories to this one:
A school yard park with swings and slides to play on.
A nature park with lots of trees and fields.
A neighborhood park with flower gardens.
A state park with animals (Maybury in Northville) or beaches (Kendsington).
Some area parks, Hines Drive in multiple cities, Belle Isle Park in Detroit, Bicentennial Park in Livonia and Rotary Park in Livonia. 

A historical village – These villages are usually park like with the added advantage of cool historical buildings like churches and school houses. Examples: Greenmead in Livonia and Mill Race Village in Northville.

Urban environment – There are a few good places to get some urban feel with cool buildings and signs and some of these still have park like settings as well. Examples: Detroit River Walk, downtown Plymouth, downtown Northville, downtown Royal Oak, downtown Farmington, etc.

Sporting environment – If your wee one loves a certain sport this may be a good idea. Examples: basketball court, baseball field, put put golf (I would LOVE to do a family session for this), etc. Even bringing the tutu, skateboard, football, rollerblades, etc. with you to your location can work!

The animal lover environment – If your child loves animals you may want to consider the following, ONLY if you know they already love it, if it is the first time you child could be scared and not look so happy! Examples: the Detroit zoo, a petting zoo or horseback riding.

Others – 
Ice cream parlor
Cider mill
A friend or family members home and yard
Snow sledding

Unfortunately, not every location is camera friendly. There are locations that charge a fee, require a permit or just plan won’t let you take photographs. It is also good to keep in mind that public locations may have an event going on the day of your session so it’s is a good idea to check calendars online or even call if you can and have your heart set on a location. Having a back up idea is never a bad thing either.



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