Important Info

I have a bunch of random information to post so I’m going to smash it all into one! 
••• My schedule and booking spring sessions •••
I have been contacted by a few people telling me they would like to use my services but are waiting for bluer skies, greener grass and warmer temps…aka Spring! I know it feels like Spring is worlds away right now, however, it really is right around the corner, so I encourage those of you who are interested in sessions for April and May, to contact me soon about your Spring session, my calendar is filling up!
••• Newborn Sessions •••
This is just a friendly reminder that I will give from time to time that if you are pregnant and you plan on hiring me once that baby arrives, please contact me BEFORE you give birth! The best time to take newborn pictures is in the first two weeks of their young lives, so please don’t wait until you get home for the hospital to call me. If you contact me before, I will leave my schedule lite around the time of your due date so I can definitely get you on my calendar within those first two weeks! 
••• Gallery Wraps •••
I really hate to do this, however, I am forced to raise my canvas gallery wrap prices. 😦 The company that I get them from have raised their prices which, in-turn, forces me to raise mine. On the bright side, there will be no shipping and handling fee like before! They really are VERY cool and high quality (I wouldn’t offer them if they weren’t)! If you would like a price list, just send me an email and I will be happy to send you one.
••• Deposits •••
As a convenience to my customers I do NOT require deposits to hold your session date. I know that life happens and sometimes it’s beyond our control and clients will need to reschedule or cancel their session. I’m merely asking that everyone does their best to keep the session that they have booked (and another client could’ve had). If cancellations/rescheduling become an issue I will be forced to change my policy and nobody wants that! 🙂
••• Comments •••
Don’t be so shy, pretty please leave me a comment now and then! It would make me so happy to know what you are thinking and liking! Your feedback is helpful to me, not to mention that I get very excited to see someone has commented! 🙂
Okay, I think that’s enough for now! Have a good week!

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