Please stand by…

I do believe in jinx which is why I should know not to promise anything!!! There is going to be a bit of a delay in the birth announcement launch. I’m trying to take a zen like approach to this issue instead of a throw my computer out the window approach.

Actually, it’s a website issue, the announcements are done, loaded and ready to go, I just can’t make them visible to all of you. So this issue is being worked on and I anticipate that I will be able to launch them later today or tomorrow at the latest. HOWEVER, I will still make my other announcement by the end of today, birth announcements or no birth announcements, so stay in touch!

Thanks for your patience!


1 Response to “Please stand by…”

  1. 1 choz January 14, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    patience danielson….

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